Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Winter Outing at Mohican State Park

Our winter here in Ohio, like much of the country, is not much of a winter this year.  We did take advantage of a light snow and some brilliant sunshine to get out and visit one of our favorite State Parks: Mohican.  We hiked a different trail then last time and greatly enjoyed the scenery and added mileage.

A covered bridge spans the beautiful Mohican River as you head into Clearfork Gorge.

 New turkeytail fungus...

We first hiked to Big and Little Lyon falls and imagined all the little critters that must populate this most whimsical place.

A sunny patch with a few sitting rocks provided the perfect place for lunch.  When we head out to hike for the better part of the day, we make sure to pack lots of food.  There's always another trail or another place to see or an interesting bird calling around the next bend so who wants to have to head out of the woods for lack of food?!

Food for the soul....


We climbed the gorge wall and left the state park to travel into the Mohican State Forest and add some miles.  The mountain bike trail is in incredible shape and built really well.  (There are about 22 miles of trail!)  While hiking this section we discovered a few backcountry camping sites.  Yay! 

Happy hiking...


  1. Hi J&S It sure has been and unusal winter, but great to get out and enjoy getting around, even though my poor snowshoes are gathering dust lol
    Love that fungus very pretty!!
    Looks like you had a nice being in the forest this time of year!!

  2. It is possible that that is the coolest fungus I've ever seen! Looks like you had a wonderful, rejuvenating hike...happy winter or is it spring? Hard to tell here! Vonnie


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