Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hoover Meadows Section of Hoover Nature Preserve, Columbus, OH Parks and Rec. Department

With the help of a good birding and nature friend (thanks Joe!), we found a great new spot to visit for birds, spring frogs, wetlands and all sorts of other cool nature stuff: - Hoover Meadows, click here for a map.

Here's a few quick pics - check this place out if you are local and if you have not already been there - it's teeming with breeding frogs right now, has some nice wetlands, woods, trails and lots of bluebird boxes (and bluebirds).

The increased wetness from the created wetlands appears to have killed this row of Catalpa trees (looks like Catalpa skeletons to us):

Gotta love wetlands!

This area was teeming with frogs (Springs Peepers, Western Chorus frogs):

 We are VERY grateful for protected natural areas and for our shared love of exploring them!

 Gotta take another look at those cool Catalpa skeletons.

Check out Hoover Meadows and support groups that protect natural areas and/or create natural areas at your own won't regret it.

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