Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seed Starting 2012

It's gardening time again and we're so excited!  Indoors we've started broccoli, cabbage and onions.  This week or next we plan to start the tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos.  We have more plants we want to start then we have room for....will have to think on that for next year.  We did save the bottom shelf for the all important Solanaceae plants!

The onions are a little unruly since we just took the lid off.

Since this photo, we've thinned all the starts to just two or three per cell.

A big part of gardening for us is, of course, the planning!  Since we garden organically, we want to make sure to rotate our crops regularly to avoid pest buildup.

A nice sunny craft room with happy cats is a good place to plan...

We are using up many seeds from years past but did purchase a fair bit from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this year.  There's so many fun heirlooms to try!

We also sowed peas, lettuce and spinach in the garden.... 

which makes us very happy!


  1. HI J&S....This post sure brings back many memories of the days of starting seeds,seperating seedlings repoting, and getting the early crops in the ground!!
    Looks like your of to a good start..hope the season goes well!!

  2. Happy dance! Happy dance!! Can't wait to get our started, it's on my plan for this weekend. I'm excited to see your garden in full swing, too! We're dropping our vegie CSA this year, so I've got to put my efforts where my mouth is and get stuff planted for sure!

  3. You inspired me! My son and I planted broccoli, cauliflower and two kinds of cukes...can't wait to get them out of the pots and into the ground! Thanks for hte inspiration, Jennifer and Steve! ~Vonnie

  4. Cant wait to keep checking your blog for more great plantings. I have a butterfly garden with common milkweed and my grandkids and I grow monarch butterflys from eggs every year!


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