Monday, June 18, 2012

Garlic Farmers?

So far so good.

This is our first time growing garlic so we are experimenting with a few different harvest times to see what might store the best.

A trowel is necessary to dig the garlic bulb out of the ground without breaking it from the leaves.

All sources say it is very important to keep freshly harvested garlic out of the sun.  The shade from an adjacent raised bed worked well for this purpose.

After harvesting, drying is a priority.  We tied our plants together about 5 to a bundle...

then hung them from our barn rafters to cure for a month or so.

Can't wait to try some of our own homegrown garlic!


  1. I totally would have eaten one.

    Congrats on a good-looking crop!

  2. Beautiful! Success I'd say! I'm gonna try some garlic this fall myself, we'll see how it goes. Hoping you've had some rain. We were so hot last week, but we're back to more seasonable temps in the low 80's now, phew! If you have a good recipe to use some of those peas and/or garlic, can you post it? I'm always looking for new vegetarian recipes to get less meat into our lives. Thanks and congrats on your garlic crop, it's wonderful! Green thumbs, both!


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