Monday, June 11, 2012

Buckets of Peas

Peas are plentiful now.  We harvested 2.5 lbs of shelled peas yesterday and are enjoying them!   We did not harvest any peas last year due to the overabundance of rain, which rotted many of our seeds right in the ground. This year we grew snow peas (all done now), sugarsnaps and shell peas. The sugarsnaps and shell peas are still growing and producing.  Keeping up with the picking is important now....

 and of course the shelling (which is fun when you do it with a partner and can chit chat!)...

Life is good picking peas.  Put a couple in the bucket, eat a couple, put a couple more in the bucket and so on.


  1. Hi J&S...Oh my goodness do they ever look good....,and the fun is one for the mouth and one for the bow.. ; }!!
    I remember those days!! Enjoy!!

  2. Wonderful! Our peas were an abyssmal failure to say the least...such a bummer! But my sage, lemon balm, chives and parsley are coming along swimmingly as are my potatoes and onions. We finally got all the beds in and planted, so here's hoping!! and p.s., Steve, my knees hurt looking at you sitting like that! Peace to you both! ~Vonnie


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