Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy, Happy Color: Sunroom

More paint is coloring the walls here in Ohio!  The sunroom is decked in a super fun, inspiring green.  LOVE IT.  The paint is still tacky so we couldn't put the wall hangings back yet, and anyways that's another post.

Flora supervised the entire paint process.  Pretty kitty.

The overwintering geraniums are in bloom and it's fabulous.  The bright red contrasting with the green makes Jennifer's heart happy!

Doesn't your spirit just love all this color?  Ours do!  Thank goodness we shed our adult color fear.

This is not the first time we painted this room unfortunately.  First, we painted it sage and next to our willow green , sage is so blah!

 Alvin approves of the new color...

Bounder approves too, maybe...well as much as she approves of anything.


  1. It in the dead of winter that's where I'd be hanging out. *Love* all the color!

  2. Dead of winter here, too. Love the new color, it's so cheerful and full of life! And you're right, Jennifer, it is a great contrast to the red geraniums. I'm so ready for spring here, we just keep getting buried in snow and I'm kinda over it. Just want to get planting in the garden now! ~Vonnie

  3. I really love that color, the sun light really brings it to life! A great choice...

  4. Looks fantastic!! I love the color and all your sweet kitties :)

  5. Love that color, fabulous on the walls, thanks for sharing,Green my fav"-".....

  6. All the commotion involved with painting was too much for Bob. She spent the day hiding in one of her many spots. :)

  7. Would definitely love to stay here and read all day! When my eyes get tired, all I have to do is stare at the walls for a bit. :P I love the table by the window. It would be nice to look out the window once in awhile to distract you from what you’re currently doing. :)

    Matilda Lemons

    1. We do love this room! It's a great place to read and enjoy the sunshine. Soon the flowers will greet us out the window too. :) Steve made the table by the window and I used some flower stamps on it. Have a great weekend!

  8. Sage might have been too mute for your taste, and with that hardwood floor, it will kind of look “meh”. Good thing you replaced it with a brighter shade, and it does look relaxing. Although I have to ask: isn’t it a bit overly bright when the sun hits it?

    Tittle Brothers

  9. Oh, wow! What a vibrant sunroom you have there, Jennifer! The colors create a bubbly ambiance. Anyone who wants to relax would love to go to such place. The area may not be that spacious, but gives the kind of mood you want to achieve.


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