Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy, Happy Color: Knitting

Happy March everyone!  It's always so exciting to flip the calendar, especially heading into spring.  To start the day cheery, here's two fun knitting projects underway.  First, an easy-peasy stripy blanket to bust Jennifer's yarn stash.  I admit, I also love handmade blankets and collect colorful ones whenever I find them so why not make them too? The yellow based granny square one I picked up for $2 or $3 at a thrift store and Steve's grandmother crocheted the one on the back of our couch.  The pattern for this thick, ribbed blanket is in Ann Budd's, Knitting Green.  It really is oh so very easy and is perfect opposite my other project...

socks!  I am using another Ann Budd book: Getting Started Knitting Socks for my first socks.  My very first sock I knit I ripped out because I knit the toe very wrong.  Only after I knit the thing did my mistake in the pattern directions make sense.  Now I can't believe I read the pattern the way I did!  I decided to just start over since they were a bit larger than I wanted too.  This sock is shaping up perfect.  I'm at the heel turn right now so I have to pay a bit more attention than I do for the blanket....see complementary projects. Perfect!

We hope everyone enjoys a great weekend!


  1. Nice, on both projects! I've crocheted a rug and knit a bunch of hats this winter. It's been fun rediscovering that. Looking forward to a bright warm spring, too! ~Vonnie

  2. HI J&S...A great winter pass time, and provides a useful product in the end : )!!
    Happy March to you too.. gardening just around the
    corner : )
    Thank you guys for the comments on my post's!

  3. That sock yarn is gorgeous! They look so cozy. I'd knit those, put them on and never leave the house.

  4. Hey J! Once you figure out how the heel turning works and reducing for the toe it makes way too much sense. It is a little daunting at first though. Good luck and post updates on your socks. -B

  5. Beautiful blanket and socks! Steve will love the socks:)


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