Saturday, June 22, 2013

Deep Home Economics: Garage Sales!

Holy mackerel - we scored a sweet pile of deals at a local garage sale today!

Two hand made pottery items and a clay bread pan:

A like-new hot plate (this thing will cook like a charm during a power outage whereas our 220 volt stove would be a challenge to power up with our mid-size generator):

Four nice metal hanging plant baskets:

A canvas cot with solid oak folding frame:

An antique wall-mount cloths drying rack - perfect for small things such as socks:

A set of four whimsically decorated cloth napkins:

A colorful hand-made afghan:

A like-new hunting vest with game bag (perfect for fall/winter field outings since pockets and game pouch will hold field guides, camera, GPS, etc.):

A nice pair of jeans and insulated flannel shirt for Steve:

A hand-stitched table runner:

A hand-stitched wall hanging (painting the frame will liven it up!):

Any  guesses on how much we paid for this haul of great items???

Just 23 dollars...what a deal!!! Many of these items would have been at least that much, per item, at an antiques store so we feel pretty fortunate.

Garage sales are a win-win-win-win:

Seller makes money; buyer gets a deal, previous owner's legacy lives on; things stay out of the waste stream.


  1. HI J&S...Such a deal,and your right garage sales are the best way to go!!
    Used items and antique stores are unbelievable on many item !! I pick thinks up and say "are you kidding me" when I see the prices !! Back on the shelf you go!! : )
    I really like the drying rack, everybody had one when I was growing up !!

  2. LOVE to go second hand shopping...its the best. You got some great items, I love the pottery, I will get pottery and go without food..
    YOU Had me scared for a minute with the hunting vest until I saw what you would use it for...WTG! AND that bright orange color will keep you from getting shot at in the fall!!!

  3. Garage sales are awesome, aren't they? After moving my husband's mother into assisted living, we had an everything must go garage sale last weekend with the help of a handful of craigslist postings. Incredibly, we sold or gave away every last scrap of 39 years of house and garden stuff in only 3 days, including a 4x6' wheeled workbench, a very useable push mower, and more hand-made wooden hanging baskets than you could shake a stick at. Everyone commented at how cheap we set our prices - $2, but if you give me a funny look, buck fifty, sold! Almost everyone left very pleased with their bargain finds, and we were happy. We'd rather have someone else use things rather than pay to haul to the dump. Too bad you weren't closer to Olympia, WA.


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