Thursday, June 13, 2013

What It's All About

This is the first year at our Cardington, OH place that our attempts at creating the perfect mix of gardening for people and gardening for wildlife are bearing real fruit. Tonight we witnessed a perfect example as we were...

...taking our customary evening "tour". Here is Jennifer checking out our small wetland which is to the north of our vegetable garden and behind our small barn:

We then heard the frantic calling of a fledgling Chipping Sparrow and found him/her on the South side of our barn in a native prairie planting that provides flowers for pollinators (who then pollinate our garden plants). Here he/she is, can you see him/her - on the leaf of a Cup plant?:

Ok, let's zoom in. You can't miss him/her here. Now, for us, this is a pretty cool example of what it's all about, "it" being life - our's and his/her's and all the creatures, great and small, here and yonder! This is what happens when you kill your lawn!


  1. LOVE iT! I planted 30 Eastern Cedar Trees on my property this spring! BIRDs love cedars especially in winter for roosts against the cold...your place looks great!

  2. Everything looks gorgeous there. Love all the evening light and your paint colors. Such a nice time of year....


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