Monday, July 29, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed....

....cover it up with something that looks better!

Sure, our little green barn looks good, generally, but a closer look reveals...

...that the red paint is not sticking well to the sliding door that we fashioned from 2 salvaged interior doors:

Good thing we always seem to have a supply of salvaged lumber on hand! 

Using salvaged lumber is part carpentry, part art. In other words, working with boards that are warped, cupped and non-uniform in dimension, requires a bit of skill and a bit of reckless abandon:

Sure, our projects - being spontaneous and Obtainium-based - sometimes require a first and a second try, but they ultimately end up funky as well as functional:

Next: aluminum flashing will be installed over the  metal roller track then installation of yard-art accents and some prickly-pear cactus beds out front!


  1. I really love that weathered wood,,,its awesome looking...IF You need more prickly pear let me know :o> I did put 2 in pots and they are so pretty when they bloom.

    1. Thanks for the plant offer lady. :) Steve's sister shared prickly pear with us and they are thriving so far. Hope you are well!

  2. Hi J&S...Wow what a clever idea the two door where though, and I liked that color!!
    To bad it wasn't drying well, but the alternative creative,salvaged,funky functional door looks just wonderful : )

    1. We liked the two doors too. Bummer the paint didn't stick! Steve prepped those doors like crazy too. Who knows, but we like it now too! :)


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