Thursday, August 1, 2013

Garden 2013 Update

So, the vegetable garden this year is a mixed bag.  We are quite cool and wet here relatively speaking so some plants are not happy and others are doing fine.

The cosmos is super duper happy with the moisture and coolness.  The bicolor scarlet runner beans are doing well too, thankfully as all the rest of the beans turned yellow and gave in to the wet soil.

The celery loves the moisture too!  We will need to dig deep into our recipes on how to use this much...

We do have a few watermelons growing so our fingers are crossed.  The winter squash is almost a complete bust...we have 3 squash growing compared to the 100+ we harvested last year. Yikes!  It seems the water really, really hindered their growth and made them extra susceptible to the effects of squash bugs and squash vine borers.

The corn in the three sisters' planting is the only 1 of the 3 doing well.  If we harvest some sweet corn though, we will be so excited!

The garlic, onions and potatoes are our recent good harvests.  I (Jennifer) harvested 1/4 of our potatoes and...

look how many grew!  Woo hoo!

On another note, we will be trekking northeast later this month for our first visit to Maine with Acadia National Park as our destination.  We will get to visit with a dear friend en route and see the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont on our way back so we are pumped.  Alvin is helping us plan!


  1. Hi J&S...
    Wow what a drop in squash count,, but those potatoes, look great It is disappointing sometimes when you put so much work into it!
    Celery wow not sure how many way's you can use it : )!!
    It has been a not so great summer here either! Our's being extreme heat and down pour's of rain!!
    The last two day's have been picture perfect to skies, fluffy clouds, nice breeze 75 to 80 !! I do like 75 better : )!! Tonight it is raining the first soft gentle rain we have had this summer!!
    Some of my flower gardening aren't doing so good, but your Cosmos are looking good!!
    PS. Don't forget I live in Maine...hint-hint : )

    1. What a bizarre summer everywhere! We don't even feel like it's summer here...more like fall. We will take that any day over winter though! :) We are excited for our trip...woo hoo! Where in Maine do you live??

  2. So excited you'll get to come to New England! We are heading to Maine next week to visit with my parents. Are you able to delay your trip until Autumn? It's worth the wait to see our gorgeous colors over here! Your garden is wonderful. I didn't get much in this year with not know if we were moving and all. My tomatoes aren't doing well, some sort of blight has hit many farms in our area this year. My wax beans are going gang busters! I got smart this year. One of the "weeds", I don't know what it is, is quite delictible to the Japanese beatles, so I decided to let those grow where they are and see what happened. The beatles are almost completely leaving the wax beans alone and chomping on the weeds! I had such a problem with them last year for my beans and this year they are perfectly happy eating up the plants we don't want, so everyone's happy.

    Also excited to hear you'll get to see the White Mountains here in NH, it's where I grew up and is stunningly beautiful. ~Vonnie

  3. Oh, and I'll also say, Acadia is probably my favorite place on earth. We were engaged there (are you staying at Blackwoods?, we were), we spent some of our honeymoon there and stayed for a week when the kids were little. Love, Love, Love it! I will say, it's awfully crowded until after Labor Day, then you'd have it mostly to yourselves, so you may want to wait until then...just a thought! ~Vonnie

    1. Thanks for all your thoughts lady! We are excited for our trip. :) The time frame is set due to our work schedules. If the crowds overtake us we will head to some other natural areas. Glad the food your put in the ground is starting to produce for you!! Seems like your trap crop worked.

  4. Steve & Jen,

    I can't for sure from the picture, but I'd say that's about a lifetime supply of celery! The weeds have absolutely taken over my garden. If I knew which ones were edible, I'd have a bumper crop.


    1. I know!!!! It's almost ready to start harvesting. It's really pretty hilarious how much we have. Just start sampling the weeds! :):)

  5. Glad you're getting some reap on your harvest...Its been a very wet yr here too! I didnt really plant a garden this yr, I have my tomatoes in pots and a couple of things came up on their own. Cant wait to see your explores of Maine..Ive only seen a wee bit of it and Loved what I saw!

  6. That amt of celery cracks me up, but you two are very creative! Mal is wondering if there will be any delicious salsa thus year?.


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