Thursday, September 12, 2013

For the love of tomatoes...of which there is not enough!

We are finishing up the tomato harvest here in Ohio.  We ate lots, dehydrated many cherry and romas and made two large batches of sauce.  Due to the flooding in early summer, our harvest is down substantially.  We still have some tomatoes frozen from last winter so we will see how we get through till next tomato season.


  1. I LOVE your kitchen, its so beautiful!! Looks like a bounty to me, plenty there for making all sorts of nice tomato dishes. Ive been into tomato sandwiches on Rye bread lately.

  2. HI J&S .. Just getting caught up we had "bad" storms Wed. and Thurs.!! Lost power, internet, phone the hole works!! Just about non stop lightening for 48 hours,rain rain rain...!!
    You picked a good week for your visit!! : ))
    I love dried tomatoes, and always did then, but no garden anymore!!
    I do need to dry some apples though yum!!

    It seems people here did not have a good crop this year,a lot of blight!!
    You have to just go with the flow when it comes to gardening!!



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