Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summertime travels to the Northeast - Acadia National Park

The air is cool this morning.  The sun is shining.  Brilliantly.  The transition of seasons finds us this month and we savor each wonderfully, warm, brilliantly sunshiny moment.  Sitting down at the computer for any extended period at this time of year is difficult, hence our delay in posting Acadia pictures.  Thanks for waiting.  We plan to share much about fall happenings and perhaps now that this massive processing of pictures is over, we will feel less hesitant to sit and write.

Initial thoughts?  The northeast is beautiful....incredibly, lusciously beautiful, but then we think that about most natural places we go.   Vermont gets our vote for favorite state we passed through....warranting it a spot on our 'To Return To' list.  We loved Acadia.  What's not to love about rocky, mountainous cliffs bordered by a watery sea?  Bar Harbor is a hopping town we didn't venture in too much due to way cool natural areas that called to us more strongly.  We did, however, adore this bakery.  Oh my, yum.

Travels inspire many more pictures than is reasonable to share so here is a snapshot tour of our late summer trip to a place new to us and a place that we are grateful to now know, if just a bit.

Some hikes were harder than others...

but the effort proved worth it everytime:

Unicorn Caterpillar

Pool on top of a mountain?!  We were smitten.  Frogs, salamanders and dragonflies called this place home.

We made time to just sit, drink a bit of coffee and honor this place with our time and our admiration...

Sea plantain

Tidal pools are rich, vibrant, ever changing habitats...

Trees bordered the ocean, ponds and bays offering home to many other types of creatures.

Pickerel Frog (in this forest we also saw American Toads and Wood Frogs...good indicators of health.)

White Admiral (Our first!  We also saw our first common ringlet, but missed a great photo due to their flightiness.  What fun anyways!)

And, out of the woods, we found that big body of water that defines Acadia, once again.  Orienting ourselves to islands, inlets, and mountains helped us find our way on paths less frequented...

Black guillemot....

Warblers feasted everywhere.  What an experience to witness many of these birds on their nesting grounds making quick work of abundant caterpillars as they prepared to journey south.

Green-striped Mapleworm

Common Eider

We shared a moment of untempered awe as we witnessed a lone monarch butterfly migrating south over the vast Atlantic.  Nature is endlessly captivating.  We hope you are enjoying your own summer adventures...


  1. I didnt get to have a Summer adventure this summer,,,did my spring waterfall hikes, and that was fodder to help me make it through, the long summer...I am taking a trip in Oct. but it involves airplanes...I prefer going at a slower pace. Acadia, I have never been, IT looks wild and wonderful!! I love to explore tidal pools, its amazing what you can find in those little environs
    Did you get your passport stamped? I got my National Parks Passport and I cant wait to start filling it with stamps...:o)

  2. Hi J&S Now I am disappointed,right here in Maine and didn't stop by for a cup of coffee home make biscuits and jelly!!
    Just teasing I know what it is like when on a vacation,not enough time to get to see and the sites you would like too! Bar Harbor is one of the bigger coastal tourist traps! : ) A beautiful area, but so much to offer in many other lovely coastal towns, for people like yourself's!!
    It looks like you had an enjoyable visit and, saw many of the things of why I love living in Maine !!

    Awesome shot's to remember your visit!! That is a great one of the White Admiral and great that you got to see one of those I probably take for granted! They are a very lovely butterfly!

    Thanks for sharing some of your vacation!!

  3. Glad to see your photos from Acadia, reminding us of our trip there two years ago. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful photos! Acadia is on my bucket list, not least of all because I want to wave to Martha. ;-) Happy you both had a wonderful time!


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