Monday, November 4, 2013

Basement Stairwell Project

In the midst of our library (dining) room sliding door project, we squeezed in a quick basement stairwell makeover.  We replaced the back door so light can stream in and replaced the stair treads that had been covered with linoleum and eww! with cat pee from an unhappy cat.  Thankfully, the kitty cat is now very happy and the basement stairwell is much improved.

The drawn out fall weather is helping us tremendously.

New treads at top, old on bottom.

The landing had linoleum too, but it pulled off fairly well.  We sanded off some of the glue (pain in the a**!) and then decided - it's the basement stairwell, who cares if a bit of glue is left!  From my shirt you can see I got in a little too close to one of the tick trefoils in the area. A week later and we are still finding these seeds all over the house and stuck to the cats!  What a great seed dispersal mechanism...stick tights.

We're getting there now....not bad!

Now, that's more like it.

You can see from the paw marks on the back door the kitties like it too.  Flora is the window scratcher...crazy girl.

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  1. Big looks fab now...I love the wide plank flooring!


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