Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Nature Sightings around our Pad

The cold snowy day was thus far an aberration with sun dominating the bulk of the days here in north central Ohio.  The warmth of the sun enables many woolly bear caterpillars to cross the road in search of a proper overwintering spot, with many not quite outpacing the tire treads of a passing vehicle. A praying mantis made quick work of just such a caterpillar. This was really quite a wow moment.  The powerful legs of the mantis easily and eerily fast subdued the last bit of strength in this nutrient filled caterpillar (check out all that chlorophyll goo oozing out!).

 The goldenrod and ironweed seed heads are stunning.

A pair of eastern-tailed blues take advantage of the warmth too.

A garden argiope made a web on the south side of our mailbox.  What a beauty...and hardy too!  This spider survived our snow day.

A turbulent phosphila caterpillar crossed the path in front of us.  The image doesn't do the caterpillar justice, but we had to document its incredible coloration!  This is the second one we've found over the years.  The first we spotted at the same time of year, on the path at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park.

This beautiful katydid found our car antennae to be the perfect spot to rest for 24 hours.  We moved the perfect leaf mimic to a more favorable spot when the need for car utilization arose.

Upper 50s and sunshine are forecast for the next couple of days so we will take advantage and wrap up a few projects!

For those of you bird lovers, check out the latest cool sighting at Jennifer's place of work!


  1. Wow! That mantis shot is awesome. As a fellow nature geek I can totally appreciate how neat it was to see that. We don't get the katydids like that here so that is neat to see too. Cool!

    1. Yes Michele - you know how excited I was!!!!!

  2. Sweet katydid! I love the blue grouping of butterflies, they are fun to identify.

    1. Thanks Misti! Insects are always such fun to watch. :) Glad you love them too!

  3. Hmmm ... well written!


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