Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Hiking

It's been a pretty wintry winter so far here in our part of Ohio. We find the best way to enjoy the season is by getting outdoors, of course. Last weekend we visited Mt. Gilead State Park for a little romp in the snow.

The snow covered trees begged to be photographed...

as did this happy hiker...

The shrubs surrounding this wetland area always harbor many birds.  It's sheltered and warm and a perfect place to be when the sun pops out.  The micro-climate is at least 5-10 degrees warmer it seems.

We've watched so many birds and other wildlife dining on beech nuts this year...they must be mighty tasty. (I just love how those beech leaves highlight that same color in Steve's handknit hat!)

And finally, a picture by our dear friend Paul McAfee of our Black Friday hiking team in Fort Wayne, IN at Eagle Marsh.

We're within a week of the winter solstice and we are SO excited!

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  1. Hi guys love the waxwing on your header shot...and what a great wintry landscape you guys are playing love it!!!


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