Sunday, February 2, 2014

Barn Owl Box Installation: Cure for Cabin Fever

What to do for cabin fever? Get outdoors!

We are told that barn owls have been making a comeback in Ohio and that is great news. Click here for a photo of this incredible bird and a bit about its biology. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the plan we used to build the nesting box pictured below. We did move the clean-out door from the top to the side, as you will see below, for easier cleaning.

Can't get much stuff in a Prius? We say "try harder!"

Bundled up and ready for fun:

Our local park district has some great natural areas to explore and also a few cool historic things such as an old hay barn at Sautter Memorial Park - a perfect spot to install a barn owl box. Jennifer researched designs, Steve and Jennifer procured the materials, and Steve built the box. 

Jim Overmoyer (Chair of the Morrow County Park Commissioners), Jennifer and Steve install the box as seen here:

Here Jim attaches wires that support the bottom of the owl box:

Yes, Jim is doing most of the work! Here he drives some screws through the bottom of the owl box into a horizontal barn beam:

Before we muscled the box into place, we used a saws-all to cut a small opening in the barn siding through which the owl will pass in and out of the box:

Jennifer says, "Hey, barn owl friends, your home is ready!"

The box is set about 25 feet from outside ground level. We will have to be careful during maintenance!

On the way home Steve asked, "I wonder how the owls will find the opening on the outside of the barn?" to which Jennifer replied, "Um, barn owls are pretty good at finding nesting locations...they know what they are doing." Whew, that's a relief to know!

Here are the plans:


  1. SWEET, and great idea! I put up an owl box in the woods by my house in 1995, and an Eastern Screech owl nested in it a few years in a row! I knew a fellow birder who also happened to work for the SC DNR, so he came out and banded the 3 chicks...when they were big enough....what fun that was!! NOW I cant wait to see you get a Barn Owl!

  2. We might contemplate owl boxes for the new barn except for the chickens, I know they are tasty kibble as far as olws are concerned! Hope you're faring winter okay over there, we're more then ready for spring here ourselves. Peace to you both! ~Vonnie


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