Thursday, October 2, 2014

Late Summer Garden Harvesting

We are harvesting daily so it's fabulous eating around here! We will pull winter squash and sweet potatoes today since there is rain (we so hope!) in the forecast tomorrow followed by cool/cold temperatures for the remainder of the 10 day. It's not been a great gardening year due to the cool summer and lack of moisture, but it's certainly been worth it. We've put away so much food and love that we know exactly what went into our food, how it was processed and how the earth was treated. Our planet's food supply is intricately connected to conservation of land and biodiversity so we work hard to make our impact the least harmful we can and perhaps even beneficial in some ways.

This time of year is so beautiful with all the changing colors so we are enjoying every last moment outdoors, in the sunshine, and hope you are too!


  1. I fantasize about doing this, but I seriously doubt I could stick to it with all the work involved in preserving the food at just the right time. I'm so impressed by what you've done in a few short years, and I enjoy your blogging about it. My uncle cans like you do, and he's remarkably healthy and mentally sharp for his advanced age. It must be nice to enjoy a little bit of summer sun each time you open up one of your jars in the cold winter.

    1. Thanks for the thought Katie. It is hard growing this much food and finding time to eat it and preserve it! We totally understand your sentiment. I think the importance of it to us is what makes us find or maybe I should say make the time. We are tired a lot. Maybe that says something?! :)

  2. We're in the swing of autumn over here, too! Garden season wasn't great here either, it was too cool. But we managed to get some stuff put by, and I'm already planning out the hoop house for the spring here, I'm going to do the garden up right next year! As the year is winding down, I'm starting to plan some indoor winter projects, too. Hope you are both well!! ~Vonnie

  3. your harvest looks great!! I did not have luck with my garden some kind of critter ate me out!! chomped down my plants nightly till it was all gone.


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