Thursday, October 16, 2014

No frost yet!

It's October 16th and no frost yet! The flowers are still blooming and the nice weather is allowing us to make some enjoyable progress on our winter preparations.

Steve is the superstar soil man and is adding a lot of nice organic matter to all our beds, then covering them lightly with straw to protect the soil from the pounding rain sure to come.

Steve also put in a new gate for us on the east side of the garden. We salvaged the old gate from a barn that is getting torn down and we are wooed by its charm! 

We pulled all the winter squash and were completely wowed by the Cushaw White. They are monsters! We will see how the flesh tastes on some cold wintry day. 

Here's a picture of our soil for documention of this summer's weather - DRY:

Wow. We look forward to fall rains and recharge in soil moisture and ground water. Until then we are enjoying this fabulously beautiful fall and hope you are doing the same!


  1. You guys are on the ball...every time I visit I want to dig in the earth what an inspiration you are! Thought of y'all the other day I came across some large milkweed pods..on my travels in VA.

    1. I love that you think of us when seeing milkweed! :) We hope you are enjoying a great November!


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