Monday, November 17, 2014

First Big Snow 2014

3-4 inches of snow so far with more falling! It's incredibly beautiful outdoors. The chickens find the snow mystifying so there's no venturing out on their part. Here's the gals just a few weeks ago L to R: Emmylou, Anna Lee, & L.G.


  1. They aren't ever going to love it...mine have a covered pen now, so it works out great for them now, but before we had to shovel their pen out all the time. We only got rain and a lot of it from that storm, I'm in no hurry for the snow, I need to get my garlic in the ground, gonna do it today. Looks great there, your chickies are cute!!

    1. Thanks lady! We warm up this weekend so maybe the chickens will venture back out. :)


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