Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sacramento Mountains, NM: Part 2

One thing we loved about the Sacramento mountains is the availability of water. Pack weight increases dramatically without access to consistent water, which means less miles covered and more energy going to just carrying a pack and not walking. Not fun! These mountains offer fairly consistent springs that allowed us to carry the water we needed and filter when we ran out. Perfect.

The Crest Trail offered moderate elevation loss and gain and spectacular views.

We saw many blooming wildflowers including Indian Paintbrush:

and this cute Harebell.

Mule deer or elk? We've not checked our track book, but this is a good sized track!

The clouds swept over us many times before the rain system moved on offering us a new and quiet contemplation of the mountains.


We adore the orange color of this mustard.

Nogal Peak in the distance, which we hike up on another day.

Little cacti greeted us with every step on certain rocky outcroppings. Cuties!

There is just something about wilderness and the physical act of hiking that pleases our souls.

The geology contributes to the moisture and leaves us cool finds like this:

Bright sunshine, we love you.

Mountain peaks and montane grasslands, we love you too.

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