Friday, April 24, 2015

Look Who's Nesting in our Driveway!

First, Happy Belated Earth Day! It's an important date to celebrate each year to remember where we came from and how we continue to improve. We have our own little Earth Day celebration happening right in our driveway this year by one of the cutest shorebirds in our area. Early this spring we witnessed two Killdeer hanging out in our driveway A LOT. A couple weeks ago we noted a depression in the rocks and then a few days later we discovered this:

Wow! A killdeer in our driveway is a first for us and we are completely pumped! Steve captured a video of one of the parents with the first egg. (Get ready to get a little dizzy with all the jiggling, we will work on that.)

I walked a little too close to the nest at first and witnessed a very cool warning display:

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology puts the killdeer nest in their top five interestings nests in North America and we agree!

We worked to protect this nest by blocking off our driveway and the nest, which is located to the left of the wood log on the left side of the drive. There are currently four eggs in the nest and according to the Cornell Lab incubation will last 22-28 days.

Fingers crossed for successful hatching!


  1. How wonderful!! You're going to be proud step parents...OMG can you imagine how cute they will be???

    1. I know!! Holy cow...they will be tiny little fluff balls! :)


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