Friday, April 17, 2015

The Common Milkweed LLC

It's really happening! As we intimated in prior posts, we are beginning our next big adventure - our very own business. We read a lot these past few months to determine which is the best business structure for us and decided on an LLC. Thanks to Steve for really tackling this thought process!

We recently submitted our paperwork to the state and received our confirmation. We're official!

We know many of you are wondering what we are doing, so here is an overview of The Common Milkweed.  We are creating a business with many facets because that's who we are and what inspires us. If you've read this blog for any period of time, you know we love nature and want to help our planet in any way we can so a big piece of our business will be native plants. We are starting small, but over time will offer many different native plants of the Midwest.

We want to share the beauty of these plants and encourage their use in the home landscape to benefit people and wildlife.  Just looking at these photos makes our hearts so happy! Look at the colors and the diverse creatures that benefit! It's an incredible web of connections to witness.

We are also going to dedicate a significant portion of our time to our nature-based handcrafts. Steve is an incredible wood worker using all sorts of reclaimed wood and is already known for his fabulous tree cookie stools with honeysuckle legs. I have some brand new soap ideas that I will share this summer.

Where will we sell? As of right now, we will sell from our place in Morrow County, OH, online at our website (coming soon!), The Dawes Arboretum Handmade Goods Market in late fall, and a few mid-summer/fall Clintonville Farmer's Markets. We may expand this list and will post any new additions when we know them.

What inspired this transition? Quite a range of factors really, but here's a synopsis.

1 - We love to be together.
2 - We love to be outdoors.
3 - We love to grow plants.

4 - We love to make things with our hands, in the simplest way, with the least impact on the Earth.
5 - We love to hike and explore.

6 - We want to be in charge of our time and our schedules.

These past few years we've met a handful of people living alternative lives and this answered a call in our hearts we couldn't really explain until that moment. A friend from high school wrote a thought for me on a mix tape long ago and it said: "Reject Conventionalism and LIVE." That spoke to me then even though I didn't really understand why. There are many ways to live and we know this path isn't for everyone, but this is the path we choose to create the life we want. Afterall, it's our one and only precious life!

Thanks to our parents who taught us we can do anything we set our minds to and to our dear friends who engaged in those conversations that ignited the fire! Here's a few resources that help(ed) inspire us:

The Good Life Lab & Holy Scrap Hot Springs

How to Quit Working Show

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And I Shall Have Some Peace There

The Dirtbag Diaries

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  1. So inspiring! I can't wait to see more!

  2. What a neat idea, Jen! So happy for you.

    1. Thanks Lindsey! I hope life with your new little one is humming along peachily. :)

  3. Jen and Steve! That's fantastic! I can't imagine anything you'd be better suited to do. Congratulations, I wish you all the success and happiness with your new endeavors! ~Vonnie

    1. Vonnie -Thanks so much for the well wishes! We hope life is great up NE. :) We're wishing you a great growing season!

  4. You are my hero! Follow your dreams!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! :) We are super excited. I hope you have a great sure is off to a great start!


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