Friday, July 10, 2015

The Common Milkweed Brand

We found some kindred friends here in Ohio thanks to a shared love of bats. How cool is that?! Michelle and Nathaniel Stitzlein are interesting, kind and fabulously talented. You can find them online at their website and through August 16, 2015 you can see Michelle's Industrial Nature at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY. This is a do not miss show! If you've ever made anything with bottle caps, you can thank Michelle for dreaming up this way to reuse a non-recyclable material. Yes, she is the original creator of bottlecap art! Nathaniel is a genius with wire sculpture, art tours, home improvement, coffee brewing and as it turns out, linocuts. We desired a logo for our new business and these two offered their talents to us. We sent them a favorite photo of common milkweed and Nathaniel turned it into a linocut for printing. Note that this is a salvaged piece of linoleum!

He also created a milkweed leaf with the same process and Michelle used her design talents and turned the prints into new branding material for us. We are SO excited with our new look!

The rain and cold temperatures this June and July don't make for a great growing season, but they do offer good motivation to sit inside at a computer and work on our new website: Check back often as I am still working on a few pages, but it's fun to have it published for you to see.

Here's your happy entrepreneurs with our friend Michelle on a beautiful evening walk two springs ago. Linocut master, Nathaniel, is the photographer. We're grateful for genuine friends and for all of you followers who continue to support us!


  1. Exciting!! Your web page looks wonderful--I know you will be a big success this is only the beginning!

    1. Thanks Sondra! We are having a fun ride on this adventure. :)


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