Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter arrives in Ohio....in January!

After a very, very warm December that made our bladdernut, a few small oaks, a couple of spicebush and a number of perennial forbs leaf out...

(Christmas Eve in Ohio!)

we are now a bit white and very, very cold. Winter isn't our favorite season, but it's what the plants around here are used to so we are glad for a return to normal.

One advantage of cold temperatures is often the associated sunshine, which we both crave ridiculously here in Ohio in mid-winter. Don't these sunny nature scenes just make your heart happy?

The chickens don't venture far from the coop when it's in the single digits, but once it gets into the 20s or so they like to walk our paths and peck around. I imagine it gets mighty boring in the coop all day, every day.

Little Girl wondered why I kept following them...she just doesn't know how cute they are!

Anna Lee is the more adventurous in the snow and was the primary motivator for their explorations. They've taken a shine to the snow free dirt under our canoe for dust bathing and will spend several hours there!

Besides following chickens around, we are holed up and accomplishing lots indoors, which we will share soon. Stay warm!


  1. Brrr it looks cold under those brilliant blue skies! Your gals looks so happy!! I can't wait to see what y'all are up to!

    1. Yes, cold. Thank goodness for the sunshine! I can't wait till summer. :)

  2. Hi Jennifer! I like your winter pictures, and your charming chickens. Spring is coming --a pair of bluebirds just showed up at my suet feeder. And instead of continually burying and digging up nuts, the squirrels are madly chasing each other. Take care. Chris

    1. Yay for spring! I can't wait till we start hearing the frog song...one of my most favorite things ever. Yay for bluebirds! I just saw another fox sparrow yesterday out our door. They are a bright spot to winter! :)


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