Monday, February 8, 2016

Overwintering Black Swallowtail Chrysalis

A little speck up on the ceiling above our potting bench looked mightly familiar. Look right in the center of this photo along the line in the ceiling:

A climb up on the bench showed that indeed the little speck is an overwintering black swallowtail chrysalis! This past fall a full grown caterpillar climbed a long ways and found a very high, protected spot to overwinter. It made my day...a little touch of winter and spring combined. Just what is needed mid-February.


  1. how cool is that! I've seen such and didnt realize that is what is I know!

  2. It will be a beautiful butterfly. I usually see them hanging around my loosestrife when it is flowering in the summer. Chris

    1. I agree! I have several overwintering on our porch in jars that I helped get to the chrysalis stage since they were developing so late in the season. It's such an incredible process to watch!


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