Monday, February 1, 2016

Soap Madness...New Explorer Bars!

I'm a floor dweller by nature so much of my soap calculations are done here.

It's even better when you have a warm fire and kitties to keep you company...

This particular day of number crunching was so intense I moved to a table...just for variety!

All of the calculations and headaches of pricing work out though when you have beautiful, super smelling soap as a result.

Western Mountains scented with lots of coniferous scents...

Campfire scented with incensy wood scents...

Eastern Forest scented with wood resin and oakmoss (a lichen)...

It's really, really fun coming up with these ecosystem inspired bars for the explorer in all of us.  They allow me to use less common essential oils and plants from different areas, which I absolutely love.

We will offer these bars online and at various events this year. We will update our online store at the end of the month and announce where you can find us as well. Until then, there's lots more number crunching and soapmaking to accomplish. Adios!

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