Saturday, August 22, 2009

We've Struck Green Gold !

Hatch, New Mexico is the chile capital of the world and that means that we (being fairly close to Hatch) get 30 pounds of freshly harvested chiles for $19.99 !!

And the local grocery store where we buy them roasts them up for free:

And if that were not enough value, you can make a peasant sack dress from the bag:

Even the cats approve:

Just dump 'em in the sink:

...admire the still-steaming-from-the-roaster charred green-ness:

...and bag 'em up for freezing:

We've already made green chile sauce and then made a bean-rice-green chile pie. It was so darn good, we'll have to post the recipe next time we make it. Celebrate your local produce :)


  1. Those look soooo good! our local grocer sure doesn't do that! enjoy them, while we in the midwest look at your pictures and salivate.... acb

  2. aside from getting groovy food that just looks like fun! half of local food is the fun going after it. b

  3. Oooo, Ryan would be so jealous. You better ship some this way!

  4. They roast them at my local farmer's market too. (In the same kind of mesh tumbler.) I have never purchased any though. Today I might roast some tomatoes like you suggested. Your recipes with teh chiles sound yummy!

  5. I'm so incredibly hungry now......


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