Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Bend National Park - Part 4: Santa Elena Canyon

Here's part-4 of 4 posts from our recent Big Bend National Park trip.

We wanted to make sure to dip our toes into the Rio Grande - the 4th longest river in U.S. The Rio Grande originates in Colorado, bisects the entire length of New Mexico and forms a good portion of the southern boundary of Texas. Surprisingly, one could walk across the Rio Grande during low flow!

At Big Bend National Park the Rio Grande has done some pretty spectacular things - one of which is to have cut through up to 1,500 feet of limestone to form Santa Elena Canyon. Jennifer is more than ready to check this thing out!:

Hard to believe that the U.S. is on one side and Mexico just across the way on the other:

It's a little other-worldly in here:

On our way back out we make sure to dip our feet into the Rio Grande (and make a little wish for understanding and cooperation between nations):

Big Bend county....

...worth the trip, we think!


  1. Once again, spectacular! Were you right next to the border? I heard about a book on NPR that I just put on hold at the library - The Death of Josseline. I say, just open those borders!! :-)

  2. Yes, Mexico is on the opposite river bank. We've not heard of that book, but share your sentiment.


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