Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prairie Oaks Metropark

In search of sun, solitude and dragonflies we visit yet another of the Columbus area fine Metroparks - Prairie Oaks. There are a number of small lakes here (remnants of past quarrying activity) - perfect for finding great dragonflies such as this Male Eastern Amberwing:

At long last, some great paddling weather!:

On the shore we found this little plant that, interestingly, was common where we lived in SE New Mexico. It's in the Verbena family and is called Frogfruit. There it was frequented by nectar-seeking butterflies.

Jennifer identifying dragonflies:

Mid-day warmth means naptime!:

Other resting creatures included this Male Widow Skimmer:

Another day of fun at another great metropark!


  1. Looks great! I love ID-ing all the summer bugs. We saw a couple of butterflies over the weekend I was just looking up. Seems that you get a lot more than we do here in the NW.

  2. So glad you were finally able to canoe!!! Love the dragonflies:)


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