Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Workbench from Throw-a-way Wood, Part 1

A sturdy workbench need not cost much (if anything) what with the volume of throw-a-way wood around every corner. Here's a couple I've made in the past (followed by my most recent version).

Dumpster Workbench, Part 1
Dumpster Workbench, Part 2
Funky Workbench

So here's another version (necessitated by a move).

There's always lots of scrap wood in our neighborhood the day before trash pickup and recently I grabbed a pile of old barn wood, a 4x8 sheet of OSB and 3 landscape timbers:

For the new workbench, I built 2 end sections from a combination of whole and ripped landscape timbers:

I had to chisel some channels to receive the rails that would connect the 2 ends:

Jennifer connecting rails to ends:

Here's some fine joinery!:

This thing came together like most things I make - spontaneously - and it seems like it came together pretty well:
Here's the basic bench base:

Here's the OSB cut to fit with a bit of overhang:

Screwing the OSB down (chalklines help line the screws up):

I used some salvaged 1/2's to stabilize the legs near the bottom of the base. Next will be to put a shelf on the bottom and then paint the whole works.....

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