Friday, June 25, 2010

Summertime Garden

We heated up fast here in Central Ohio and look to remain warm into the foreseeable future.  We are enjoying the heat knowing soon it will be gone.  Summer is too fleeting for us so we savor as much as possible.  Our garden is happy with the heat too.  Here's a photo from our upstairs porch:

Wow, the yard looks huge in that picture and it is pretty big for us.  We are keeping up with it with the sickle mower and getting quite a workout in the process.  If you've been reading our blog for awhile, you know we like to greatly reduce the lawn when we own a place.  If you want to see check here and here.  Wherever we land permanently next, we want the lawn to be GONE!  Here's another picture of the garden closer up showing the tremendous growth:

There are tomatoes, peppers, lots of basil & cilantro and zucchini coming on.  (Actually, we already ate one sweet pepper!) The peas and greens are still feeding us as are the mulberries.  We visited one of the many farmer's markets in the Columbus area this past week and picked up our first sweet corn.  YUM!  We plan on doing some berry picking very very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone...we are off to another TNC workday this weekend; check and see if there's one in your area!


  1. Wow! Your garden is so much further along than ours! We had the wettest June on record and it really gave us a bad start. I never did get any peppers in the ground and my basil never sprouted, nor did my melons. :( My tomatoes seem like they are okay, and I have TONS of peas I'm eating. It seems to be drying out now though! (a post about your soap will be up tonight)

  2. The garden looks great. And I am right there with you about making the lawn disappear. I have a very very strong dislike for regular old grass.


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