Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Downhill Run on Cleaning

We got some cleaning help this weekend from Jennifer's mom and sister. It's amazing how much more you can get cleaned with twice as many people! Here's Jennifer's mom, Linda, getting excited about cleaning up filth:

Here's Jennifer's sister, Lori, removing some crappy hardware before cleaning a wall:

Here's Lori and Jennifer cleaning themselves into a corner:

Lori and Linda at lunchtime on a crisp fall day:

Walls, window casings, baseboards, floors - all of it gets scrubbed:

Doesn't get much cleaner than this:

Too much exposure to cleaning supply fumes can result in clowning...

...and jousting. Thanks Linda and Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve and Jennifer headed back up the next day to clean the dining room and start in on the kitchen. Some evaluation of the flooring and subfloor revealed that...

...the existing linoleum...

Could be removed without much trouble to reveal the original plank subfloor (that we'll paint a vibrant color):

Between the linoleum and subfloor was a nice oak hardwood floor that (due to the glue from the linoleum) had to be removed with the latter:

Here's the under side of the ruined oak flooring. A shame, but our painting plan will be even better.

Working together, Jennifer and Steve were able to completely remove the flooring from the entire kitchen down to the original subfloor planks. We also pulled hundreds of nails and did a thorough sweeping. This floor is going to look great with some sassy colorful porch paint and some small rugs!


  1. You guys are inspirational! Kudos to your awesome family too!

  2. Hi Jennifer & Steve....there are going to be some sore backs tomorrow!!
    It is looking the idea for the kitchen floor!!
    It is great you have the support of family to help you out his way!!
    Waiting for the next progress report!!

  3. This looks like fun and a LOT of hard work. Thought you might find some inspiration from this fellow nature blogger/literal home maker:

  4. What kind of sub-floor wood is it? What shape is it in?
    Would it look good sanded and protected with some oil or a clear top coat?

    May not show as much wear as paint.

  5. You're all so smiley but I know this is tons of hard work! I can't wait to see what colour the kitchen floor will be. No, no, don't tell, I want to be surprised!

  6. The kitchen looks so much better without the linoleum! I'm so excited for you two that the subfloor is in good shape.

    Love the photos of us. It was so good to see you!


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