Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It might not look like much....

but this room is clean! A major feat given the trash, personal debris and the cat pee/poop. YUCK. The windows, walls, baseboard and floors are bleached and ready for priming. YAY! There is one more room to go plus the hallway to the upstairs. I think it's safe to say....we are tired of cleaning but we will make it through.

We are enjoying moving a few items in now - a welcome reprieve from cleaning! A friend gifted us this antique dresser (plus a matching mirror and head & foot board), which we love. Check out that floor too!

We found this nice lamp outback in the trash pile and it works!

There are wood casters on the dresser; isn't that cool?!

A view out the kitchen window...warm sunshine, seeded goldenrod, a beautiful walnut tree and oh yes, another pile of trash. Let's not look at that right now....


  1. HI Jennifer and Steve...Wow you guy are moving right along!
    Does that ever look different than when you started ..the floor looks great and how lucky to get those antigue item!!
    Looking good...keep up the good work, the rewards you will enjoy!!

  2. Amazing! It will all be spotless in no time:) Great dresser too, I'm jealous!

    It's been snowing here all day long. . .

  3. My mom's standard for a clean house was, "You could eat off of their floors!"

    No doubt!

    It looks terrific!

  4. Can't wait for the Spring party at Jennifer and Steve's new house. I'm inviting myself:)

  5. wow amazing esp after looking back to the begining ...I love it!! so lucky you guys are! It was so lovely to hear from u and come over for a visit good luck on the move!

  6. I have just found your blog. It is interesting to watch your progress on the home. I, though like this entry with the "hangy-thing" hanging from your roof. I have a special attachment to them and the way they deliver color to my world.

  7. I love this blog, I am drinking hot tea, smile on my face reading about your house


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