Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!

What a great day!  The shortest day of the year always gives us such hope.  Winter is set firmly here in central Ohio, but the days will now start to lengthen and eventually will warm.  What better mid-winter gift is there?  Many well wishes to you all this Winter Solstice!
On another note, we are now officially, completely moved and it's time for tea and scones. All our belongings are in our new home, things are put away that can be, the cats are settling and it's time for some relaxation.  Sure there are projects to work on and we are, but the break neck pace we set for ourselves these past few months can slow way down and we're grateful for the reprieve.  We look forward to garden planning, hiking and being present each moment.    

The cats are enjoying their new home.  There's so much space and old smells to investigate.  They're also enjoying hunting the small furred mammals that like to inhabit warm human space in the winter.  :)  Here's Flora enjoying the view outdoors.

Bobcat, still a little uncertain of her new digs, resting in the cat tube.

Bounder also enjoying the view outdoors.  She's a big kitty isn't she?!

The dining room is cleaned of all the piles of stuff and is perhaps a little sparse, but a nice big rug will make it cozy.

The kitchen is organized and in use.  Meals are still prepared on the fly, but perhaps a big bubbly pot of soup is on the agenda for our solstice celebration.

View of the kitchen from the opposite direction.  It's small, but very user friendly, bright and cozy (wait till we add our fun paint colors!)  It's perfect!

All our books are put away...thanks for helping Mom K.!

The living room is super cozy.  We love this space. :)

We put bird feeders up just a day or two ago and our feathered friends found us quickly.  Here's an American Tree Sparrow looking to secure a tasty morsel.

American Goldfinch

...and a Blue Jay.  We're also seeing dark-eyed juncos, northern cardinals, tufted titmice, red-bellied & downy woodpeckers, Carolina chickadees, and a few others.  The red squirrels are bounding about the wood pile.  We'll see how long it takes them to find the feeders!
Happy Holidays!


  1. What a happy post! I'm glad you are settled in and enjoying your new home. It looks like all that elbow grease paid off, your place looks so warm and cozy. The birds will be plentiful it seems! Happy Solstice!

  2. Hi Jennifer & Steve
    "Love love love it"
    If you didn't live so far away I would drop by to celebrate with you!!
    Everything looks so inviting and warm...love the color of the kitchen floor !!
    Kitties about ..birds at the feeder..HOME!! Ahhh!! : }
    Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home...you deserve it...great going!!

  3. Flora's a beauty! The other kitties appear to be settling in.

    I really love what you've done with the house, it looks so homey and lived-in already! The handmade pieces make it special. I'm zooming on your photos to steal ideas. :o)

    The birds are happy you bought the place!

  4. Everything looks lovely!! All your hard work has reaped some wonderful rewards. I can't wait to see what you do with the gardens in the spring.

    Blessings to you both for a festive and thankful Christmas season. ~Vonnie, NH

  5. Love "little" Bounder! Our Moby is about the same width!! Love the looks of your new place. It looks so cozy. Enjoy the settling and the quiet of this time of going within.


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