Monday, December 13, 2010

Readying our home

Hello friends! Cardington home preparations are indeed happening but evening darkness, requirements for rest and general loathing of computer time prevent us from sorry!

Here's the latest:

The kitchen is primed! No more oil heat stains in one room - yay!

The upstairs craft room is also primed and ready for super fun, bright and inspiring paint colors.

This past weekend two dear friends joined us for...

trash burning (Go Tim! You're the burn master!):

dumpster loading (Steve made sure all the treasures were stowed away in a safe place!):

barn cleaning:

Paul hard at work...
and of course, the most important: great conversation, good food, fresh cider, homemade wine and fun times with friends. Thanks for visiting us guys!

Tim & Savannah:

Savannah and Raven found our bed quite readily:

Before our friends left we toured the property and true to its name (Milkweed Meadows), our meadows contain Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca). Many other kinds will be planted next spring/summer! Winter certainly arrived this weekend in Ohio making for beautiful scenery.

Our 3.5 acres feels pretty big walking around (that's our house off in the distance)...

This little diamond in the rough will receive its owners this week! Yes, a number of factors spurred a quick move so we hope to live there by mid-week. We hoped to complete more projects prior to moving, but we anticipate an easier go with the work once we live there. Hopefully our furry friends will enjoy their new home! More soon.


  1. Hi Jennifer and Steve ...I am thrilled to see what is going on at your new place!!
    God bless you.. all that cleaning up... what a mess.. what a job!
    Great that your friends gave a hand!
    Everything looks so good inside..good going!!
    So where moving in??
    Hope the kitties like exploring there new home!!
    The snow looks nice..I wish we would get is 50 degrees here today ...what's with that this is Maine after all...!!

  2. It's been so fun watching you transform your new home. I can't wait to watch it change through the next few months and into spring. What fun for you both!

  3. It's looking great! So glad you have people to help you out.

    I am so excited to come visit for Christmas:)

    Love love the new blog banner, your lot does look huge.

  4. I like what i see in the photos but I'll have to see it for myself soon! It looks nice and peaceful out there.

  5. What a wonderful home you are making for yourselves. We bought one like it when we were married. Lots of sweat equity, but so worth it in the end! Enjoy your new home together and blessings to you both (and the cats!) ~Vonnie, NH


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