Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 Gardening, plus Yard Art!

The weather is incredibly moderate this spring so we are spending almost all of our time outdoors.  We are working to create a natural leaf litter bed with native plants (including spring ephemerals) under our sugar maples, but most folks don't get it and walk right through the area.  What to do?  Well, if you are crafty Steve - you think of things we already have, including that large stack of boards salvaged off an old shed.  Then you rip the boards in half on your table saw and fit them into place by bending them around stakes.

The demarcation border passed with flying colors when our painting guy walked around the bed and not through!  

In the vegetable garden, the peas are coming up nicely, along with some self-seeded cilantro.

Chives and horseradish are growing, growing, growing.

Cilantro overwintered under the hoops is now feeding us versus the tired cilantro in the coldframe.

New lettuce is sprouting too!  The rain today will make all these plants very, very happy.

We are so far ahead in the garden compared to last year. Remember the construction of the garden fence?  The cutting of the planting beds?  The creation of the garden gates?  Whew - all that time and energy and then we still had to plant!  There are only three beds lefts to weed this spring and then all is ready to plant -  by mid-April too!

The extra time gave Steve a moment to create some sunny yard art after salvaging some old farm implements and old posts. 

Happy, happy!


  1. Love all the progress! I got potatoes in the ground last week, beets and spinach are sprouting. Spring is here. Nice yard art!

  2. beautiful! We finally got the hoop house completed, but now are not sure we're going to need it with the warmer spring. I love the garden art idea! And the new beds will be so lovely when full of plants, can't wait to see them in full bloom. Happy Spring, Jennifer and Steve!


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