Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mr. GreenBarn

 We finally have our little barn that was almost-too-far-gone looking spiffy and green! After replacing the entire sill plate and lower half of sheeting we had the guy who painted our house install salvaged double doors and a new top layer of sheeting all the way around. He then painted the metal roof and the siding.

Here's Mr. GreenBarn with Jennifer:

 Here's Mr. GreenBarn as seen from our young oarchard:

 Here's Mr. GreenBarn with our sunny-yellow house in the background:

 Here's Mr. Greenbarn with our garden in the foreground:

 Here's Mr. Greenbarn with some sunny yard-art out front:

We certainly do not regret saving Mr. GreenBarn from MisterDumpster!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE IT! Your place is so sunny and friendly with the colors you've chosen, too. Can't wait to see the garden in full bloom. We're debating here...raised beds or try to remove the turf and do them in the ground. We have a lot of ledge here in the Granite State, so not sure the turf removal will work the green barn, it's amazing how you've brought it back, it is so functional and pretty now. Great job, Jennifer and Steve (and your painter!)...~Vonnie


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