Thursday, May 3, 2012

Funky Bathroom Sink

We found a rustic old, shabby chic table here when we moved in and knew right away this table was a keeper.  When we decided to put in a half bath we decided this would be the vanity for our Mexican sink after a bit of repair.

First, Steve cut a whole in the table top to sit the sink in using his jigsaw.

Then he checked to make sure it fit ok and made minor adjustments.

Once the opening was the correct size, he reinforced the underneath to support the sink.

He placed the faucet next...

It fits!

Steve then sanded the top a bit, but left all the old gouges and paint marks for character.

Varnish was applied next to protect the top from water.

After the top dried, we put it all back together....

WOW!  We are super happy with this project!

More on this as the bathroom comes together....


  1. Hi J&S....And poof...all we needs is a water hook up and done ; }
    Don't you just love making something out of what some consider junk!!
    It looks just great..something my daughter would love!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Haven't been around much but I am back commenting again!!
    Had cataract problems that had to be taken care, left eye is still healing ,but the right now has 20/20 vision : }}}!!

  2. Hi Jennifer & Steve,

    That is amazing! I love that gorgeous sink bowl, so pretty. And of course, we've come to expect you to make magic out of what others think is lost. Can't wait to see the bathroom put together, I'm sure it will be fun. ~Vonnie

  3. It's GORgeous! I want to come over and wash my hands!

  4. Love that! Im a reuser, recycler and can pretty much come up with something, but not as nice as that.

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  6. That’s amazing! You managed to let the tabletop’s natural color stay. Wooden tops are perfect for retro or funky themed bathrooms. I find your sink bowl very interesting. Where did you buy it? The faucet matches it well. You should try matching the underneath pipes too :D

  7. Hey Lance! We purchased the sink online from a vendor out of Mexico....Rustica House I believe. Thanks for the compliment! :)


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