Sunday, May 20, 2012

Storm Windows

When we visited our most favorite B&B this past winter, we noted Sarah's (the owner) quality storm windows  - custom made in Michigan by George W. Trapp Co. in Redford.  We did not want to replace our house's old windows, but did want to improve upon the old storm windows so we placed an order.  Thanks to Steve's awesome measuring skills, they all fit!  Amongst our vegetable garden planting and 150+ native plant planting (more on that later), we've been installing storm windows.  Yes, it's a bit busy around here...

Getting started:

Nice colorful storms!

We first clean the storms...

and scrape and clean the windows.

Then we screw them in place.

And - voila!  A window ready for opening and letting the fresh air in without the cats escaping.

We've currently have 13 of the 24 storm windows installed. 

We love the way they look!

If you have older windows with character and are considering replacing them with vinyl or any other kind of replacement window consider this:

1) The This Old House Guys affirm that quality storm windows coupled with original historic windows are just as energy efficient as replacement windows.
2) There is much research illustrating that most heat loss is due to inadequate attic insulation and other major leaks and that replacing windows has a poor return on investment compared with other energy efficiency improvements that are often ignored.

Then do what you want (that's what we did) because it's your house.


  1. HI J&S...your house sure is looking spiffy...good job on those storm, but so many!! ; }
    Had a look back at your garden post..thinks there are looking in that area to...wish I still had half the energy I had at your age..!!

  2. These look great! Love the color!

  3. They do look great! Such handy, handy folks. My husband also reads your blog (though not much of a commentor, he)...he always says, "They'd make such great neighbors!"...things are looking quite lovely at your home. Can't wait to see the garden in full swing! ~Vonnie

  4. Oh, this house looks so charming with the color of the painting! It looks like this was inspired by a story book, and I suddenly remembered the story of Goldilocks. Haha! The windows are lovely too. You've made the right choice in turning them into storm windows, since one of their advantages is high resistance to breaking due to severe weather.

  5. Do you remember the storm window company's name ? The link you provided in the post no longer takes you to the company's webpage. Thank you!

    1. Hmmmm. The website is down so I don't know what that means, but here is the name and other details: GEORGE W TRAPP CO
      Address: 26015 Glendale Ave, Redford, MI 48239-2759
      Fax: (800) 788-7277 Phone: (313) 531-7180

      Good luck!!


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