Thursday, May 31, 2012

Let's take a tour....

Taking a tour is almost a daily ritual around here.  It's so nice to work hard, accomplish much, then take time to walk slowly, look around and savor. 

Out the back door we go....

to boxes of hundreds of native plant plugs from Cardno/JF New.


Much time over the past couple of weeks has been dedicated to preparing the space and putting these plants into the ground.

Silliness about plants; it's the most fun!

Back of house area after putting in many native shade plants.  It's lovely!  Now for some twinkle lights. :)

This area was a bit tougher.  It's south of our green barn and surrounds the entrance to this building.

After removing the weeds and marking other sprouted natives with our circles...

we put in many, many plugs.  This will be a riot of color!

How about next to the house?  Yes, more plants there too.  The entire area south of the house is now filled with little plant plugs.  Some of the plants we put in last year are starting to flower and providing nectar to beautiful pollinators. 

Little plant plugs out front too.  Many, many Spiderwort (Tradescantia) will make for quite a scene next year!

2 flats left.  Wetland plants....must create that little wetland space first!

We also planted 10 new flowering dogwood and 25 shadbush serviceberry.  Look closely and see all those little flags.  There will be many fruiting shrubs/small trees here for wildlife.  See this awesome, awesome book for more about landscaping for wildlife. 

Back to touring...laundry is back on the line outdoors.  It's fantastic. 


The skies are so blue with brilliant puffy clouds.  We'll be excited to seed this grassed area this fall with native prairie plants.  Goodbye lawn!

How about food?  Why yes, there's lots of eating happening here.  We picked up these delicious strawberries from a neighbor, but we put our own plants in this year for the future.

Sugarsnaps?  Snow Peas?  Chives?  Plenty!

What to do with them all?  Why a toasted Israeli couscous salad, recipe courtesy of Vegetarian Times, sounds perfect.  


  1. Wonderful! It's all coming along so nicely. I can't wait to see more blooming natives. I too have a few peas producing. Just enough to snack on while touring the garden. I love to tour the garden every evening too :)

  2. Hi Jennifer & Steve! Everything is so beautiful at your place! I'm totally jealous of the sugar snaps, ours were a bust...the chipmunks got most of the seeds before they even saw the light of day...gggrrrrr! We can't hang our clothes on the line right now because the white pine pollen is coating EVERYTHING! We have to keep the windows and doors closed or my husband's head will explode from his allergies, poor guy. Can't wait to see the garden in full bloom over there, loving the new beds and plantings as well. What a place of serenity you're creating, amazing. Peace to you both, ~Vonnie

  3. So wonderful and inspiring! Your place looks fantastic, I cannot even imagine how gorgeous it will be when all those plants grow and bloom.

    You painted the picnic table too! Love it:)


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