Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Smack-On-The-Forehead Event

Have you ever gotten analysis paralysis over a decision and then, seemingly out of nowhere, you get the obvious answer and then smack yourself on the forehead and say, "this things been in front of my nose the entire time!"?

Well, we do. The most recent one was while searching for a car to replace our defunct Subaru Forester. Yeah, we loved the Forester but we really don't need AWD and the MPG's are not where we need them to be, given our work commute. What we really needed was good gas mileage - no - GREAT gas mileage. Ultimately, we found out what we already knew when we started: "it's the Toyota Prius, Stupid". After about 10 minutes in this car we knew it was the one. Incredible gas mileage, legendary quality and reliability and downright cheap to buy, apples-to-apples. Plus we find it fun and sassy!

Did I mention incredible MPG? See below for our data. That's 53.5 MPG on a 96 miles combined city/highway trip. We will double check the computers math on our next trip but we have no reason to believe that it's lying. Our new hobby is hypermiling

Of course we still have our pickup so that we can salvage stuff from other people's trash but now we don't have to drive it for our workday commute. Next step: plug-in Prius retro kit.....


  1. HOW COOL! My friend just got herself a Prius, and she said she is getting 55 mpg so thats pretty darn good Id say. Best of luck with your car!!

  2. Hi J&S...That's great!!
    Your didn't smack yourself did
    you?? ; }

  3. Awesome! Our cars are twins. You won't be disappointed.

  4. Love the phrase "analysis paralysis;" I suffer from it a few times a day.

    Congrats on the new wheels!

  5. That is amazing! Yeah my next car will definitely be a Prius


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