Monday, October 1, 2012

It's beginning to feel like fall!

Amazingly, we've frosted 2 times already so the squash vines called it quits.  We spent a perfect fall day harvesting and cleaning up the squash beds. 

We planted additional squash seed late when we thought the borers might have got the best of our first plantings.  Here's the harvest from those plants....

The original planting showed quite a bit of resistance and gave us all these delicata and sweet dumpling....

and all these butternut (plus an additional 15 or so already harvested)!

The root cellar is loaded with winter squash,  onions, garlic and potatoes (in the boxes)...

We even have some melon that are keeping well so far!

We love to get festive around here and fall is one of our favorites... 

More on our equinox celebration next time!


  1. WHAT a harvest! You guys did a terrific job with your garden...I love all those winter squash, hope you have a great fall!

  2. Oh my gosh! You won't go hungry this winter!

  3. fabulous!! I'm thinking about doing more winter squash next year, but it's not a big favorite here...though all do love the pumpkins I've been using already. Everything looks wonderful over there, Jen and Steve! You're ready for the snowfly now! ~Vonnie


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