Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Jelly Cupboard, Quick-Like, Part 2

Here's Another Jelly Cupboard, Quick-Like, Part 1

Here's Another Jelly Cupboard, Quick-Like, Part 2:

For the shelving I knew that I certainly could continue the "reclaimed" theme from my stack of small salvaged stock. Sure enough, leftover from the packaging that our storm windows arrived in, I found just enough wood to make three shelves.

I had to combine smaller pieces but they turned out pretty nice.

Before sanding (belt sander with 50 grit then palm sander with 80 grit):

After sanding:

Here's a view of how I fastened small boards together (I call this a "cleat"). I simply lined up all the sections to make the shelf and then fastened them together using 2 cleats each of which I'd cut a 45 degree bevel on the front for aesthetics and for ease-of-access to the shelves from the front. You can see that this particular cleat is serving to connect 3 pieces of wood - one long piece along the back and 2 shorter pieces along the front. This was the last shelf I made and it took the very last of the storm window packing material to make it - satisfying!

Here is a view from the top side of that same shelf:

Here is a view of the shelf hardware that I used. Other than fasteners, this hardware is the only part of this project that is not reclaimed material. I used these because 1) they allow for easy shelf height adjustment, 2) because they are super easy to install and 3) they are very affordable. 

Some additional sanding to the carcass and door and...

It's pretty much complete!

I used the hinges that were original to the door:

But the closure hardware crumbled (from rust) when I tried to remove it to sand the door. I ended up using something else from my salvaged hardware grab bag. This was also incomplete (it was missing the part that allowed it to function as a spring latch) so I turned it 180 degrees and now it's simply a pull type opener and the door is held shut with an internal friction latch.

The  good thing about old houses is that there always seems to be little nooks to place cool cabinets!:

This one is nice and thin so it does not block our new pass-through from the living room to the hall way:

We already like it so much that I suppose I will have to make another one just like it if I hope to ever sell one!


  1. Love this!! You did such a great job on the cupboard. I have some old storm windows available to me for the asking, and I know one of these will be gracing our home soon. Thanks for the inspiration, your's came out wonderful! ~Vonnie

  2. HI S.J ...I love it, a nice functional piece of furniture !!
    Hi five!! ; )
    Here's hoping that your new years is a prosperous one full of happiness!!

  3. It's amazing what YOU can do with scrap wood! Happy new year to you both!

  4. ITS most awesome looking! I love the way it looks on that wall too!!

  5. Thanks for the feedback...glad you like:)



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