Thursday, January 10, 2013

Handmade Holidays 2012

Happy New Year!  We are so looking forward to 2013 and it's good already!  We are getting out and hiking regularly and that makes us happy.  We have more posting to do on our adventures...soon.  But first: holidays!  To celebrate we made our families homemade gifts once again and wanted to highlight a few of the items for some fun inspiration.

Thanks to Martha Stewart, we made these fun and easy magnets.  Once Jennifer got started she couldn't evidenced by the fact that everyone received at least 5.


Jennifer put her grandmother's treadle sewing machine to use to make everyone cloth napkins.  The assorted fabric stash from years of gathering at garage sales, etc. was raided and made into simple reusable napkins.  The napkins are two sided to add visual appeal and durability. Jennifer's handspun yarn tied the stacks together.

Jennifer created a festive soap scented with cinnamon and cloves to celebrate the season.  This is one of Steve's favorites now.  Don't ask for any though because we are completely out of soap.  Oops!  We sold out for the holidays (yay!), but have yet to get back into the soap making groove.  As Steve likes to mockingly say, "Oh, where does the time go?"

We also included some of our lavender hand salve and spiced pecans in our packages and to celebrate the Year of the Bat and the awesomeness of these creatures...some fun stickers.

Hope you all are enjoying the start of a great 2013!


  1. HI J&S...It would be wonderful if everybody gave a bit of them self in homemade gifts!!
    Great ideas you had here!!
    Christmas is so overdone in the gift department !!
    Thanks for sharing these !

  2. ITS so much better when its made with love and care. These are beautiful ideas!!

  3. Oh,how lucky the recipients of your gifts!! Love this! ~Vonnie

  4. Oh I've made those magnets before. Very addicting. I bought old field guides and kids nature books and had a hayday. Fun stuff you created!

  5. All our gifts were fantastic! Mal and I will have to make some magnets like these:)


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