Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Before and After Even We Didn't Anticipate!

Our lawn-killing, native-plant-scrounging, funky-yard-accenting ways have paid off in a big way this year, in our front yard and circle drive area. See below for a before and after. We have to maintain mowed grass near the road but all else has been killed off using our cardboard/straw smothering system. With native plants that we scrounged, primarily, we are starting to see major filling-in of vegetation that will not only provide pollinator habitat and more but also a visual screen (something we need since our house is pretty close to the road).

We have also integrated some scrounged items into a fence-of sorts. In the foreground of the After pic, notice the old whiskey barrels and reclaimed barn beams that are now a "fence".

We think that the After is a major improvement over a lawn that we found to be sterile and boring. It's not for everybody but it's certainly for us!


  1. Really nice, I like the barrel fence too its very unique!!

  2. Hey - that's really good. Nice job. I like it.


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