Thursday, January 23, 2014

Half Bath Install - Part 2

And so we are pretty much, finally complete - woo hoo! Check out Part 1  here and the wrap up below. The half bath turned out colorful, funky and with a very low price tag.  Just our type of project!

We intended to paint the outside of the new bath wall green to match the hallway, but alas we did not have enough of the paint left and who wants to buy more when you have other fun colors hanging around on basement shelves gathering dust?  So, I painted the wall a bright plum on Steve's suggestion.  We love the contrast.  I honestly don't think we can ever get enough color anymore.  The same went for inside the bathroom.

I don't mind painting, but I do need something for my mind to focus on so I don't get bored.  Thank goodness for the internet and access to podcasts and music!

These kept me entertained:

A Way to Garden Podcasts
Elephant Revival - These Changing Skies
The Lumineers
First Aid Kit - The Big Black and the Blue

While still working on the bathroom, we had the sink in the sunroom so we could work with more space. Alvin LOVED the sink location.  What a cutie!

This cat makes us laugh!

Hmmm - what's up there?

Here's a couple more pictures of the finished room...

The little curtain is a scarf (or what would you call that?) we found at an antique store for a couple of dollars.

We found the cross stitched plants at the same antique store.  I LOVE them.

This super fun cat print is from my sister and brother in-law. Hilarious!

This door was originally placed between the kitchen and dining room.  We found it in the basement when we moved in and held on to it knowing it would be perfect for something.  Due to the small space in the hallway, we decided to make it a slider.

Our little table we retrofitted to hold the sink was a little to short for people like us so Steve added some osage orange tree cookie feet.  COOL.

And, that's all folks!  Time to tackle the old bathroom....


  1. You guys are so creative and handy. I love it!

  2. We still get compliments on the stool you made with the fun legs.

    1. Thanks Julie! How's it going in NE Indiana? I miss you and hope life is great. :)

  3. I love your new bathroom! So colorful and stylish.

  4. Fun stuff! You did a great job, and I love the sliding door...might have to adopt that idea 'round here somewhere...don't mind if I steal it do you? Looks so cheerful with the bright colors. We just painted the living room drywall (most of it is natural wood panels) a nice cream color. It used to be dark sage and felt like living in a cave. The cream is so much better!! Next, I want to do a light green in the bathroom, which right now is...I kid you not, dark plum with a shiny gold ceiling. My husband says it's like peeing in a bordello or something (yep, he cracks me up). Loving having projects again! Can't wait to see your next adventure! ~Vonnie

    1. Vonnie - Sounds like you are making great progress on your new pad. Yay! Before we know it, spring will be here and we will all be in our gardens so it's good to tackle these indoor projects now.

  5. Wow I love it! Great idea to put the door on a slide, creative thinking there!!!

  6. Hi J&S ... Oh my I love Alvin sleeping place so darn cute! I laughed when read what was in the sink!!

    Bravo for you to use the bright colors!! I am so natural when it comes to color !! Pale blush colors make me feel safe in my chose lol!!

    Love what your doing and that tool is fab. I want one just to have in my tool collection!! : )



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