Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolution?

Sure, why not? How about: "plant more native seeds than the year before".

Just got the shipment today: enough Basic Prairie Mix to plant another 1/4 acre!

Here's the species list:

We will sow this before the next predicted snowstorm so that the seed is somewhat protected from being eaten by birds and, in the  process of snow melt and freeze-thaw cycles,  will be worked down into contact with the soil where it will germinate this spring/summer/fall.


What's your most exciting resolution?


  1. We want to convert some of our lawn into wildflowers. Can this mix be sown over grass? How tall does it average?

    1. Hey! We always support getting rid of lawn! Yay! You will be so satisfied with a mess of colorful blooms and all the critters benefiting. You will have to get rid of the grass for the seeding to work. You can smother the grass with mulch (cardboard/straw/etc) or till it up or use chemicals. The seed will not be able to establish in lawn. We can chat with you all about this if you want or send us an email. Hope life is good in your new digs!

  2. Hello Jennifer and Steve! Looks like you're ready for your newest planting adventure. Hmmm...I have a lot of goals for the new year, not sure about resolutions. I want to establish a nice big vegetable patch so that I am able to grow and can or freeze or dry a very large part of our veg intake this year. Also, we've been making a concerted effort to eat less meat, so our chickens eggs have been coming in quite handy (spinach frittata anyone?). Can't wait to get started on our spring many goals, just waiting for spring! ~Vonnie

    1. We're so excited for the amazing garden you will create this year. We are chatting about ours and oh, what fun it is. :) It really helps to get us through these chilly, short days!


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