Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And the 2014 Gardening Season Begins!

Yes, it's still winter and yes there is fresh snow on the ground, but the 10 day forecast is improving and it's March - time to start our early season greens.  Our low tunnels still have a bit of kale growing slowly, but the rest of the greens succumbed to the many subzero degree nights in central Ohio so it's time to start new.  Yay!

We started kale, several types of cabbage and early purple sprouting broccoli indoors this past weekend.  We planted some winter mix salad and spinach out into the coldframe too; it can't hurt right?!

Bounder kept us company during the seeding and got really involved when...

I started processing dried peppermint from last summer.  This cat is a mint fiend!

We are all appreciating the sunshine and increased day length. (Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend!)

 Alvin is absolutely savoring this sun patch.  What's up with his mouth?

This cat positively glows sometimes!

We also finished processing our dry beans by removing the pods, chaff, etc. This bean variety is Good Mother Stallard and is quite pleasing to see and eat. Homegrown beans, homegrown onions and homemade bread, what a satisfying picture.  Now, if we can just figure out how to grow avocado here!


  1. I'm so excited for the time change! I got my peas going on my windowsill yesterday. won't be long till we can dig in the soil.

  2. Sweet, I got my cold weather crops in the ground, I jumped right in this time, but I do plan to start some pepper plants indoors this weekend, get about an 8 wk jump on those our frost date is April 15th, zone 7.
    Love your kitty's

    1. Jealous of your zone 7! May 15 is our frost date...perhaps a bit later since we are a bit north of Columbus in a weird cold pocket.


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