Sunday, March 2, 2014

Map As Window Treatment

Our recent half-bath remodel was missing one small touch that we finally figured out using a map that we love but is too large to fit on any of our walls (our old farm house has small rooms and lots of window so large wall spaces are few).

On the right, below, you see the built-in cabinet that utilizes old window sashes for the doors. This is now part of the new half-bath but we wanted to liven the doors up a bit since someone had painted them brown. Scroll down to seen what we did!

First, we made a plywood template based on the size of the window panes.

Next, we used the template to cut pane-sized sections from our too-large-for-our-walls map:

After lightly sanding the pane and back-of-map-section surfaces and cleaning the panes with lacquer thinner, we attached the map sections using Mod-Podge glue:

And there you  have it!:

We solved two problems with a fun and easy project that improved our bathroom and encourages us to see more of this great country!


  1. I noticed you left New Hampshire intact, there. Come on over! You'll be able to find us if this freezing weather and snow EVER leaves....~Vonnie

  2. That is a very clever idea and it looks awesome!


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